Monday, August 16, 2010

Get Cheap Priced Domain

Different companies offer different prices for domain name registration, then we will discuss the factors that influence the cost of domain registration and where to find a better price for it.

A key element in the registry

You do not have to spend $ 35 a year to get a domain name, some companies are very reputable and sells a domain name with very low prices. You must pay an annual fee to register a business, so do not forget to renew your domain each year.

The price of the domain name is varied based on the domain extensions you enter. For the domain extension like. Com,. Net, which will cost only $ 7 per year, but "mobi extension, you may have to pay $ 20 per year. In addition to top-level domain, the domain of company Company Registration requested different fees for registering the domain extension different at the national level. Such as, you get a lower price? of 1.99 to 1 & 1 in the United Kingdom (which is a company in the United Kingdom) from the domain extension "" ( UK country level domain extension), and the U.S. company may require more than the domain extension.

When the domain name registration, always ask about the option to "protect the privacy of domain, this option allows you to not open the registration information so that people will not realize that they have web site through whois . In most cases, I would recommend this to anyone, but for society, it is pointless to hide the information you want to record more people who own this site.

Where to Register

Here are some very good companies recorded the best price for registering a domain and a high level of service in the industry. You may be able to find other companies as well, but they are pretty well:
iPowerWeb #
6.5 million per year for the domain extension:. Com,. Net,. Org,. Biz,. Info,. Us. free domain privacy included and you will also get $ 50 Yahoo ad credits. Very good choice for individuals #
$ 6.95 per year for the domain extension. COM y. Information, free web design tools that are included and your domain will be included in the directory free aplus web sites will be very helpful to have your new site. Very good choice for small business company. And you will pay $ 8.95 for domain privacy option. (I think you need if you have a corporate enterprise, and he wants more people to know instead of hiding this information)
UK # 1 & 1 Web Hosting

1.99 per pound. in the privacy of domain names included. The best option for the domain.

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